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Oct. 8th Show to Mark 5 Years of BBX/Hot Pink Feathers Collaboration at Cafe Van Kleef

Celebrate FIVE years of monthly jazz & burlesque, booty-shaking bliss! HOT PINK FEATHERS & BLUE BONE EXPRESS 2nd Saturdays at Cafe Van Kleef, every month since October 2006. SATURDAY October 8th, 2011Show at 9:30pm sharp, till LATE….$10, 21+ Help us … Continue reading

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BBX to play the #looks2die4 FIRST STAB shopping event by Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire, Oct. 21st

Get ready for an explosive array of vintage fashion, couture, jewelry, and accessories with 50 dealers attractively displaying their one-of-a-kind treasures at the historic Officer’s “O’ Club” at Alameda Point, the former Naval Base in Alameda. The Alameda Point Vintage … Continue reading

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SWAMP NIGHT! coming to the Starry Plough April 1st in Berkeley

We’ll be at the Starry Plough next Friday April 1st, headlining SWAMP NIGHT, featuring the Mojo Monkeys from L.A., and One Man Banjo. Excited to see how this bill will turn out. Come down on a nice Friday and celebrate … Continue reading

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Taste New Orleans: S.F.’s Finest Mardi Gras Grub

We may not have bands playing on every street corner or at every bar, as they do in New Orleans, but Cafe Van Kleef is the next best thing. Stop by for a stiff cocktail and performances that include soul, jazz, blues and R&B. Get in the Mardi Gras mood on the first Saturday of the month with Crescent City-style brass music by the Blue Bone Express. Continue reading

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BBX MySpace Exodus

It’s gotten us gigs. It’s gotten us fans. It used to be fun. But yesterday an end finally came to the Blue Bone Express MySpace page. It had been becoming more and more tedious to include our show and band … Continue reading

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2011 is Upon Us, Welcome to the BBX Blog

Hello fans, We love what we do as a band and are really excited to be exploring options now for the new recorded music we’ve been working on over at Moondog Studios. To hear a selection of snippets from some of … Continue reading

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East Bay Express — Critic’s Choice

“Clad in kittenish heels, tiny two-pieces, and alluring accessories, [Hot Pink Feathers] shimmy through an exuberant original revue that mixes Brazilian samba, showgirl moves, cancan kicks, and lots of cheeky moves. On Saturday, Oct. 3, see them shake their tail feathers at Cafe Van Kleef during their monthly First Saturday showcase, accompanied by the New Orleans/barrelhouse-brothel party jazz of Oakland-based Blue Bone Express.” Continue reading

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Second line rides again in Oakland – Blue Bone Express

New Orleans style jazz is often related with the great figures of jazz such as Louis Armstrong or more recently Harry Connick, Jr. However, Oakland-based bandleader jara Queeto and his Blue Bone Express band are reinterpreting the music of New … Continue reading

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Brass N Burlesque: A heady blend of New Orleans jazz and showgirl shimmy

“Their eclectic mix of original tunes and old favorites (I was grooving to Axel F and the funky music from the Star Wars bar scene) guaranteed that even the creakiest knees were flexing and bouncing on the narrow dance floor.” Continue reading

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Blue Bone Express — The Early Years: 2004-2007

“This isn’t Be-bop or Swing or the New Thing. This is the Real Thing. This is living, breathing, spitting Jazz music. It’s not revival music. It’s not museum music. It’s music inspired by a tradition and informed by it’s own time.” Continue reading

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SF Bay Area Rock — Blue Bone Express @ Cafe Van Kleef

” Remember the geeks in the marching band that we all used to tease so much? Well, watch out, because they’re back and somehow they’ve become talented and sexy party boys…

They are (dare I say) as entertaining as any rock show I’ve seen in the Bay Area … Overall, this show is a must see … even if you aren’t a big jazz fan.” Continue reading

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San Francisco Chronicle — 96 Hours, Bandwidth

“The coolest jazz brass band in Northern California.” Continue reading

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Café Van Kleef – 12/01/07

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East Bay Express — Critic’s Choice

“Oakland-based, New Orleans-style jazz and parade brass band Blue Bone Express and SF dance troupe Hot Pink Feathers will somehow cram themselves into Oakland’s Cafe Van Kleef.” Continue reading

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Eros EZine

“Blue Bone Express [is] an eccentric little combo mixing NOLA-style Dixieland with bop, blues and bachelor-pad improvisation…. One song and you’ll know these people love to play jazz as much as anyone’s ever loved anything..” Continue reading

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LiveJournal – Musings, on Motion

“Even though it’s a bunch of white guys from California, they know what they’re doing, from the shuffling pace of their dirges to the joyous bang the tuba starts when he just can’t hold back any longer.” Continue reading

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Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, & the Indians

“Once you hear [Blue Bone Express] you’ll only wanna hear them for the rest of your life, whenever you walk down the street you’ll wish they were at your side. They play your biography, they play everyone’s. No matter what mood you are in somehow they tell your story.” Continue reading

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“Straight outta Oakland, Blue Bone Express — nothing but lively traditional Dixieland jazz here.”

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Underworld Rag — A Traditional Jazz Record Diary

“If there’s any hope for the future of [traditional jazz] music it’s going to come from musicians like these. Players who are willing to do something more with the music than simply ape past masters. There’s nothing hackneyed or contrived in what these guys play. They sound utterly natural doing what they do.” Continue reading

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San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade 2005

2nd Place, World Contemporary Music (with Hot Pink Feathers) Continue reading

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7×7 Magazine — Seven Things to Know Right Now

“Oakland-based jazz band Blue Bone Express spices up the already caliente Carnaval SF” Continue reading

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