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East Bay Express — Critic’s Choice

Critic’s Choice for the week of Sep. 30 – Oct. 6, 2009

If Carmen Miranda and Busby Berkeley had ever collaborated on a burlesque show, they would have come up with Hot Pink Feathers. Led by Kellita Maloof, an award-winning choreographer and dancer (and holder of the Little Miss Aftershock title from the Miss Exotic World competition, among other risqué accolades), this Bay Area girlie group shares the “glitter gospel” everywhere from Tease-O-Rama to America’s Got Talent. (They even have corporate clients … a benefit that probably doesn’t come up much in job interviews.) Clad in kittenish heels, tiny two-pieces, and alluring accessories, they shimmy through an exuberant original revue that mixes Brazilian samba, showgirl moves, cancan kicks, and lots of cheeky moves. On Saturday, Oct. 3, see them shake their tail feathers at Cafe Van Kleef (1621 Telegraph Ave., Oakland) during their monthly First Saturday showcase, accompanied by the New Orleans/barrelhouse-brothel party jazz of Oakland-based Blue Bone Express. 9:30 p.m., $10.

— By Claudia Bauer

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21 Responses to East Bay Express — Critic’s Choice

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